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The Impossible Dream
November 19, 2018
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Good Wednesday all!  Hope you are having an amazing and blessed day!

When I saw the picture from today’s blog, it really made me think.  A compass, a bible, a lantern and a map, along with a set of rosary beads.  So much jumped out at me from this picture.  The lantern, the compass and the map all represent a journey.  Those items are tools that someone may need to have a successful journey, depending on where they are going and their chosen mode of transportation.  Well, maybe a lot of people aren’t really using them nowadays since we have so much technology, but at some point in our history, these items were staples for travelers.

Then there’s the bible and the rosary.  The bible is symbolic of the compass, the map and the lantern.  How, you ask?  Because the bible is just as important, no actually more important, for our journey.  The bible can replace the compass, the map and the lantern in our life’s journey.  Just like the lantern, the bible can illuminate things for us and make them more clear and easier to see.  As the compass guides us in the right direction, so does the bible, if we utilize it.  And the map……..the map lays out a path for us to follow in order to reach our desired destination.  The bible clearly does this too, by showing us God’s will and desire for our lives.

Finally, there is the rosary.  The rosary represents faith.  When people utilize a map, a lantern and a compass, it does require some level of faith.  There’s no guarantee that the compass is properly calibrated and will get you safely to your destination.  Likewise, the lantern could fail.  And if you do not really know how to read a map, you could end up far from your chosen destination.  It’s the same with the bible.  When you choose to read it and utilize it to live your everyday life, you have to do so in faith, placing your trust in God and His word.

As you go about your life’s journey, many things will come up that may throw you off course.  Things that may make you want to give up.  Things that may make you question who you are and what your purpose on this earth is.  When these times arise, I encourage you to utilize your map, compass and lantern (aka the bible), to help you navigate your path and reach your final destination.


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