June, 2017

I honestly do not recall how Sarah and I crossed paths, but I am glad that we did.  My communication with her has blessed me.  Our coaching session helped to propel me forward.  She gave me the extra push that I needed regarding moving forward on my business and she suggested some tools to deal with everyday life stressors.  I am appreciative of our relationship, no matter how it came about.  The small window of opportunity that God gave us was more than enough to make an impact on my future and for that I am grateful.

T. Jones-Lassiter

Coaching client



July, 2017

Sarah Cepeda did an outstanding job in doing a presentation for our organization on May 2, 2017.  The topic was: “Moving Past Fear and Living the Life You Want”.  This presentation was for males and females, ages 12 through 16.  She was uplifting and encouraging.  Our youth enjoyed her, and received a great deal of information from her presentation that will be with them for their entire life. This was shown in the evaluations that were done after the presentation.  Sarah is an engaging speaker with a soft voice and a loud message. We would love to have her back in our next year’s program.

Inez J. Coleman

Executive Director

Life Opportunities, Inc.



September, 2017

Sarah Cepeda headlined at a women’s empowerment workshop at my organization, Girl Like You, Inc.  Sarah blew every last one of us away with her honesty, relatability, and compassion for women’s pain points.  She spoke of some of her own experiences in life, making us all feel comfortable in talking about our own. Sarah was very professional and well prepared for the workshop.  She also briefly discussed the book that she co-authored, and kindly signed them for her guests.  She even allowed guests who were late to still be involved in the wonderful exercises and activities she presented.  Sarah also stayed past her time to speak, to answer every question her guests had.  Sarah’s message was of empowerment and loving self, and a week later, I still feel empowered and inspired by her words.  I would love to have Sarah on a more regular basis in the future to speak to and coach young ladies and women. I would definitely refer her to speak at any event of empowerment.

Kelly Thomas

Girls Like you, Inc.



October, 2017

Having coach Sarah J. Cepeda as a speaker at William Paterson University was incredible.  She shared her experiences and obstacles that she faced in her life with the students at William Paterson University.  Not only was she completely genuine and sweet, but her speech reflected pure honesty and empowerment.  She allowed students to open themselves up and create conversation with fellow peers.  Her interactive activities were such a great way for students to relate to one another and build strong connections.  We enjoyed having Coach Sarah J. Cepeda speak at our event, “Empowering One Another”.  It was such a great success!


Thank you,

Keila Acevedo

William Paterson University