Sarah is a Certified Holistic Life Coach
and Empowerment Speaker. Having experienced many difficulties in her own life, Sarah has a passion for empowering women and teen girls. Her mission is to help them see beyond their past and current circumstances to discover the best in themselves and overcome adversity, thereby growing to their full God-given potential in all areas of life. A dynamic speaker, Sarah openly shares her own story with the hopes that it will enable others to see that there are no limitations on their lives and they can achieve

greatness. Sarah’s life coaching doctrine is designed to help women to affect positive changes in their life as they work through areas where they feel constrained to instead lead passion and purpose filled lives. Sarah is a co-author of, “Tapping Into Your Inner Beauty: Let It Shine From Within”. She is working on her second book, “You Are Not Lost: The Power to be Victorious” (due for release in summer 2017). Sarah obtained her Bachelor’s degree at Rowan University. She is a native of New Jersey, where she still resides. Sarah truly believes in Philippians 4:13, “I can do anything through Christ, who strengthens me”.