October 2, 2018
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October 16, 2018
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Hey my lovies!

Hope you are all having an amazing day today.
I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about their relationship. They were sharing with me something that had transpired and the results that followed. Then they went on to tell me everything that COULD HAVE happened and started to question if they should act based on what could have happened. Huh???? Why? In a world that’s already stressful and complicated, why do we sometimes make it more so by looking for things?  If nothing is there, why invent some remote possibility and react to that instead of just dealing with what is in front of you?
There are times when you just need to work with what you have right in front of you instead of looking for more or for what you THINK is missing.  There doesn’t always have to be something missing.  Maybe sometimes, it just is what it is and you need to accept it. Everything doesn’t always have to be SO complicated. Stop looking for things that make your life more difficult and challenging. Sometimes the best course of action is to just to K.I.S.S…..keep it simple, stupid. K.I.S.S and save yourself some aggravation.

Love ya!

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