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January 10, 2020
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March 4, 2020
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So in a little over a week I will be turning 50 years old. I almost can’t believe it! I don’t look 50. I don’t feel 50. And I think I’m pretty youthful overall for a 50 year old. I’m VERY excited to be reaching this milestone in my life. That’s why I decided to write my new E-book, “Fifty Things I’ve Learned in My First 50 Years”.

This book is a culmination of my 50 years on this Earth and it contains a bit of humor, wisdom and just my musings on life in general.

I’m not really sure why some people, especially women, seem to have a problem with the idea of getting older. Aging is a beautiful blessing. Not everyone makes it to see 50 years old so if you hit the age of 50, count yourself lucky.

I guess many people, when they turn 50, view themselves as being over the hill. They think the best part of their life has passed.

As for me, I view 50 as the prime of my life! I have never been so happy. I have never been more comfortable in my skin. And I have never looked forward to the future more than I do now. When I think about turning 50 and what’s in store for me going forward, I can’t help but to smile.

I think about all of the experiences I’ve had and all of the knowledge I’ve gained and I can’t wait to share that knowledge with other women. I think about all the adventures that await me and the excitement that will go along with those adventures. And, since I just got my AARP card yesterday, I think about the DISCOUNTS I’ll soon be getting!!!! Hahaha!

Anyway, if you can’t already tell, I’M EXCITED ABOUT TURNING 50, and equally excited about my new E-book!!!

I’d love for you to grab a copy of it. It will be released on my 50th birthday, 2/14/2020. My goal is to sell 50 copies by then. In honor of my birthday, the book is only $5. It’s available for pre-sale now so get your copy at bit.ly/fiftythingsbook.

And please take a moment, if you have time and tell me some of the things you’ve learned in your time on this beautiful planet!


Coach Sarah J

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