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October 31, 2018
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November 19, 2018
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Hey all! Hope you are having an amazing day.
So yesterday was election day. Every year since I turned 18, I have voted. Initially, it was just because I finally could do it and then it just became a sense of duty. Funny thing is, until I got older, I never really gave a whole lot of thought to WHY it was my duty to vote. And although I did vote every year, I didn’t really embrace what a luxury, privilege and blessing it was to be able to do it.
You see, I am a Puerto Rican woman……a double minority (if you would). Being a member of this particular segment of society means so much when it comes to voting. It means that there were women and Latinos who went before me and fought hard for me to be able to go to the polls to cast my vote. Women fought, in what is known as the Women’s Suffrage Movement, for almost 100 years in order to obtain the right to vote. The movement started in 1848 and women didn’t obtain that right until 1920.
And Latinos were still fighting for equal voting rights, even 10 years after the voting rights act of 1965 went into effect.
So now, when I go to the polls, those are the things I think about as I press those buttons and pull that lever. I think about the power that was given to me, on the backs of so many that came before me. I couldn’t imagine giving up what others fought so hard for me to obtain.
So my question to you is this……do you use your power? And I’m not just talking about voting here. I mean all of your God given power and gifts. Because just like our right to vote as women and minorities was purchased at a price, so was the power God has afforded you. And if you’re not using that power to the best of your ability, then you are doing yourself and others a severe injustice.
You see, your power and gifts are not for your own benefit, although you may indeed benefit from them. They are for the benefit of others around you, who need you.
So when you feel like you want to give up, just think about all those who went before you and fought for you, whether figuratively or literally. Don’t quit! Don’t give up your power!

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