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October 16, 2018
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October 31, 2018
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So this weekend I conducted my first little girls’ workshop, Cupcakes & Crowns. It was for girls ages 5 to 11. I was nervous about how it would go. I knew there was a need for this type of workshop because of things I personally experienced as a child and things I still see happening to our young girls today. I also knew that it was something that was desired by parents because prior to creating the workshop, I conducted a few social media polls asking if a workshop of this nature would interest anyone and also personally asked people I knew who have young daughters. But, I was nervous because I wanted to send a good message about self-esteem and self-love to the girls and wasn’t exactly sure what would be the best way to deliver the message.
Well I’m happy to say that the workshop went quite well. I had 12 girls that were registered. Ten girls actually came to the workshop. The age range ended up being 6 through 12, with the majority of the girls being younger than 10. While I got all positive feedback from the workshop and I was happy with the end result, I will say that it was also a learning experience. First, the planning that went into it was extensive! From conception to the actual execution of the event was only about a 3 month time period and there was quite a bit to do. Second, I have an amazing support system who helped me make it a great day! I love my team! Finally and most importantly, I learned that what 6-10 year olds find interesting is VASTLY different from what would interest an 11 or 12 year old. So, while I will be conducting the Cupcakes & Crowns workshop again, going forward, it will be for 5 through 9 year olds. I will do something different for older girls. All of those lessons aside, the event was great! We had fun. We had snacks. I talked to them about self-love and the importance of having it. We danced. The girls did a fun activity that they really seemed to enjoy, which was geared towards helping them to embrace their uniqueness.
The next day I was riding in the car with my almost 6 year old niece, who had attended the workshop. I called her father to see what time he would be picking her up. As we were about to hang up she yells from the backseat, “I had fun yesterday, daddy! I self-love myself!” Before Cupcakes & Crowns started, I prayed to God to give me the right energy, words and whatever else I would need to give the girls a positive, uplifting message that they would remember and which would help them to embrace everything about themselves and love themselves. I guess my niece’s declaration to her father was all the confirmation I needed that, as usual, God delivered! The workshop was a success.

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