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December 5, 2018
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December 31, 2019
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Hey there!  Omgosh!  It seems like it’s been FOREVER since I wrote a blog post!  I miss you guys!  I hope you have had an amazing year thus far.  Mine has been wonderful and I am looking forward to even more goodness in 2020!

Today I was looking at these two pictures that my niece and nephew colored for me and it inspired me to write.  The butterfly was done for me by my sweet nephew when he was about 6 or 7 years old.  I picked him up from school one day and he gave me the picture that he made especially for me.  I remember him having a big smile on his adorable little face as he handed it to me and excitedly said, “titi, look what I made you”!  I also remember how my heart swelled with love and pride as I accepted his gift of love.  My nephew is now on the verge of turning 25, married, with a child of his own.  I’ve had that picture almost 20 years.  It’s hanging on my office wall.  Over the years I have moved from one office to another several times.  But everywhere I went, and every office to which I have moved, has had it’s walls graced by this picture, as well as several others done for me by my other babies.  I will likely have it until the day I leave this earth.

The number 5 was colored for me by my youngest niece, when she was 3.  She’s 7 now.  I don’t really remember the back story of the 5.  I just know that my baby gave it to me.  She could have given it to anyone, but she chose to give it to me.  That makes my heart smile.

Someone on the outside may look at these pictures and think they’re just sloppily colored pictures, where the artists didn’t even stay within the lines.  When I look at these pictures, I see so much more.  First, I see the obvious stuff……a butterfly, a number 5, the different colors and yes, I do see that they didn’t stay in the lines.  But I also see so much love when I look at these pictures.  I see authenticity.  I see two little people that were unencumbered and unafraid. I see something that, although it could be deemed imperfect to a random person, is absolutely without a doubt PERFECTION to me!  I see so much value that I have held onto them for years and don’t foresee ever letting them go.  I see a life lesson too.

We spend so much time in our lives trying to be perfect and trying to color inside the lines that we sometimes lose ourselves.  I know I did.  I spent a good portion of my life feeling as if I had to look a certain way in order to be loved.  I had to act a certain way in order to have friends.  I had to be a certain way in order to really be accepted by those in my immediate circle and the world in general.  I was terrified to color outside the lines!

Thankfully, I am no longer that person!  YEA GOD!!!!!!  It took YEARS of trial, error, tears, pain, introspection, prayer and faith, but I FINALLY came to the realization that I DON’T HAVE TO COLOR INSIDE THE LINES in order for people to love and accept me!  I don’t have to be something I’m not!  I can be my authentic, goofy, giving, silly, annoying, imperfect, sometimes bossy, always loving self and the right people, who are meant to be in my life will love and accept me AS I AM!!!!  I don’t have to sit up at night wondering what’s wrong with me because someone chose to leave my life.  I don’t have to pray to God to make me something other than what He created me to be.  I can be me and it’s ok.  No, actually, it’s more than just ok…….it’s downright AMAZING!  I can color outside the lines, think outside the box, march to the beat of my own drum and any other cliché’ you can come up with (lol)……and it’s all ok!  When we are authentic to ourselves, the right people will come into our lives and stay.  And much more importantly than that, when we are authentic to ourselves, we can be free.

Don’t you want to be free??  I don’t know what you may be going through or in what areas you may be struggling, but I encourage you today.  Don’t let the world tell you who or what you are supposed to be.  Only God can truly tell you who you are and your purpose.  It’s not always an easy journey.  The world will try to tell you that you’re not enough or that you’re unacceptable.  I’m telling you, YOU ARE ENOUGH!  YOU ARE ACCEPTABLE!  I’m telling you to be fearless and color outside the lines!!  While some will criticize you for it, others will love you even more and realize just what a beautiful work of art you have created with your imperfection.  So be you.  Be authentic.  Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!

Yours in love and fearlessness!

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