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December 31, 2019
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February 5, 2020
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Hey hey! Welcome to day 10 of 2020! So lemme tell you about God and how he works things out. My birthday is Feb. 14. About 2 weeks ago, my honey got us tickets to go to a Valentine’s day weekend 70’s soul jam concert. This was when music was real, so I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. Anyway, last night he says to me, ” I wanna ask you a favor. It’s probably gonna sound a little strange to you.” So, I said, “ok, well what is it?” He then proceeded to ask me if I would mind taking his mother to the concert in his place because he knows she would love it. I love his mom so I had no problem with that, provided I still get a Valentine’s/ birthday date with him 😁. He then said that he wished he had thought about it when he purchased our tickets 2 weeks ago. So I suggested we check and see if there was a seat available near us. We both knew the chances were slim to none since we got our tickets 2 weeks ago but hey, it doesn’t hurt to check, right? So we went online and wouldn’t you know, THE SEAT RIGHT NEXT TO OURS WAS STILL AVAILABLE! We already had seats 10 and 11, and 9 was still available. And not only was seat 9 still available, but it was the ONLY SEAT left on the whole row that was still available! Again, I remind you that we got our tickets 2 weeks ago. What are the chances?!? The likelihood of that happening is very low.

But God!!! The only way something like that happens is when God is in the mix and aligns things in just the right way. In other words, in your favor. When the favor of God is in your life, nothing is an obstacle. He will make a way out of no way. Situations that seem impossible to overcome are nothing when God is in the mix.

I encourage you today, whatever challenges you are facing, don’t let them defeat you. Give them to God and let Him handle them. This example I gave you is small, but still shows how God can change seemingly impossible circumstances into reality. He makes the impossible, possible! So dream those big dreams, go after the unlikely and look at nothing as an impossibility!

Yours in faith,

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